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Building the Next Generation Training Platform


kilitics cloud-based communications, content distribution and data analytics platform is tailored to the needs of the aviation sector. We deliver next-generation people-first learning to the post-pandemic world.

Work with Skilitics to transform your training into real-time knowledge at scale, delivered to your biggest customer facing asset. Your cabin crew.

Data driven
outcome focused

Your Central Nervous System

Delivering you one point of truth for your post-pandemic Cabin Crew Training Program

Know What Your
People Know

Dashboards leverage training data to anticipate every learner's needs.

Optimise Training Assets

Live tracking of physical resource usage and allocation, as well as digital assets.

Targeted Training Deployment

Schedule digital training to be deployed to any group, cohort or individual with ease.
digital natives

Speak Cabin Crew's Language

The changing demographics of cabin crew mean 97% of most airline cabin crew will be digital natives by 2024.  Additionally, the impact of COVID-19 means (almost) everyone has experience with digitisation and remote learning now.

Meet Digital Expectations

Studies show today's learners welcome the immersive nature of adaptive learning, VR, and expect reduced clutter and timeliness of personalised training knowledge.

Create Engagement

More engaged and informed cabin crew team facing your paying passengers. That increases customer satisfaction levels.


“Historically, getting the right learning to the right person at the right time, to support them in their performance, was an insurmountable problem. Harnessing data-science, AI, and adaptive learning technologies unlocks immense value from companies’ learning and knowledge assets”

Glenn Bull —  CEO, Skilitics Group

Learn Safely

With Skilitics, your cabin crew can practice the high volume repetitions necessary to master new skills – when you or they choose.   Don’t be limited by expensive hard simulators or physical constraints ever again with Skilitics’ solutions.

F2F Blended with Digital Learning

Modern Virtual Reality door, galley and service simulations delivering learners who feel 275% more confident. Faster.

Create Confident Crew

More engaging and effective content equates to more confident and informed cabin crew team facing your paying passengers. That’s a good outcome.


Big Picture, Tiny Detail

Skilitics dashboards can summarise millions of training data points to deliver analytics and insights.  Powerful.  Cabin Crew trainers, managers and C-Suite can track progress, make informed decisions, and report on training outcomes at both macro and micro levels.

Easily access, share, integrate, report and extract outcome driven insights from your cabin crew training programs, anywhere and anytime.

Reporting by Learning Objective

Scalable, personalised cabin crew dashboards delivered in real-time and accessible anywhere.

Understand Overall Performance

Reduce training fatigue, increase results by targeting training modules based on actual cabin crew needs.


Learn Faster, Perform Better

Put every task in reach.  Traditional classroom and physical simulator based teaching methods are expensive, don't scale and create bottle-necks and provide limited assessment insights.  Moving to a digitalisation strategy can blend the best of traditional methods with the latest the digital world can offer.


Engage the Senses

Whether it's enabling crew to practice delivering a baby, practicing their CPR theory or in-flight service routines, Skilitics will deliver.  Talk to us to train knowledgeable and engaged cabin crew.
Ready to perform when you need them.  

Best Learning Designers

Skilitics' team create quality training resources designed to achieve sticky learning. Lead by learning psychology and created by some of the world's best 2D and 3D artists.

Quality Software, Quality Insights

Not all training software is created equal. Skilitics understands what it takes to create engaging experiences loved by learners, and results revered by stakeholders.

employee satisfaction

Learner Centered Training

Can you afford to deliver traditional instructor-led and "e-learning" Ab Initio and Return-to-Work training post pandemic?
Adopt an integrated digital people-first strategy powered by Skilitics' cloud-based AI and data powered platform for aviation.
See employee satisfaction and engagement rise.

Retain Knowledge

Better retention rates – up to 80% one year after training, compared to 20% just one week after traditional training.

Increase Productivity

Optimise learning outcomes, minimise employee down-time while increasing training through put and employee satisfaction.

Drive Engagement

Digital training, including VR, is proven to increase participants' engagement by up to 85%.

Build Resilience

Enable personalised and agile in-the-field communications, design-in training resilience and halve three year training content lifecycles.


Trust in Data Driven Insights

Skilitics tracks more than cabin crew knowledge, motor-skill retention, behaviours and competencies.   It adapts and analyses the learnings by employee by training module.

The layout of your passenger table service should have silver-service level accuracy?  That’s ok.  We track and report proficiency levels.  By cabin crew member.  By cohort.  We adapt.  Real-time.

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Trust in Experience

Companies using Skilitics' AI training and data platforms have been shown to accelerate learning, master complex workflows, increase confidence and knowledge retention.  We have proven digitalisation works, repeatedly, in simple and complex scenarios in healthcare, banking, hospitality and manufacturing.
Skilitics now brings this invaluable experience to the aviation industry.

Delivering Regulatory Compliance at Scale

Integrated Digital Strategy Drives Resilience

Insights Drive Confident Decision Making

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Innovate to Fly Higher

The COVID-19 impact on the aviation industry has shown traditional training methods cannot keep pace with unprecedented demand and supply-side uncertainty.  Airlines who innovate will thrive.

Skilitics’ innovations will help you to reach scalable agile training, build training throughput resilience, and better business outcomes with higher employee confidence.

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