Whether it's medical training, service training, SEP, leadership, aviation security, product or brand, Skilitics are building the World's most advanced Cabin Crew training library.


World-First Integrated Digital Training Platform for Cabin Crew


elivering learner-driven cabin crew training programs at scale using Skilitics world first cloud-based, data platform supporting adaptive learning and knowledge in the flow of work with dashboards, decision insights and more.

We can help you transition from
Instructor-led training to learner-led
Pass/Fail reporting to efficacy-based reporting
One-size-fits-all approach to adaptive
Stop work to in-the flow-of-work
Training limited by resources to demand-oriented

Knowledge at the Moment of Need

Flight attendants in our study of over 270 flight hours received 187 communication updates on average per month while on-the-job. Cabin crew are overwhelmed with service delivery and product changes, regulatory updates and safety and emergency changes.

Knowledge retention is low.  Through the use of adaptive mobile solutions integrated into the wider digitisation strategy you can personalise training and deliver it right into the hands of cabin crew right when they need it.

Proximity Based Learning

Skilitics solutions can proactively serve people with exactly what they need, targeted with precision to when they can best apply it.

Continuous Personalised Learning

Individualised training retention strategies, revision modules and refreshers in personalised to every crew member. Always at hand.

Easily React to Change

Last minute aircraft change, special promotion, or pandemic disruption while in flight?  Easy.

Focused on the End Goal

Tied into an overarching digitisation strategy, mobile delivered training can leverage, and contribute to, the broader data pool.


Digital Training Strategy

The pandemic has caused unprecedented changes, furloughed staff and sweeping redundancies, with airline training particularly hit.   Traditional training will no longer be fit for purpose, but perhaps you don’t have all the in-house digital, psychology and aviation skills you need right now?


Skilitics can work with you to conduct a full cabin crew training gap and needs analysis presenting a holistic, blended digital training strategy.   A training strategy aligned to operational need.  We can also assist with instructional design.

Psychology and Technology Communication

Any seamless strategy will include staged implementation phases to match your companies appetite and ability for change.

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